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Gold Choice Thinly Sliced Pancetta 100g

Code: 1706
Gold Choice Pancetta is a premium grade Italian style pancetta that is hand rolled from pork middle then traditionally cured and smoked.

Gold Choice Thinly Sliced Prosciutto 100g

Code: 1701
Premium quality prosciutto ham is recognized for its superior quality and flavour.

Gold Choice Fine Carved Leg Ham 100g

Code: 1902
Fine carved leg ham is premium quality leg ham produced to provide that carved from the leg quality, flavour and texture.

Autentico Milano Salami 250g

Code: tbc
Born in Milan, Italy the most remarkable characteristic of Autentico Milano Salami is that it has a sweet and delicate taste like ham, a much nobler cured meat.

Classico Picante Salami 250g

Code: tbc
This Italian tradition of cured meats offers a unique experience, particularly to those who crave for something spicy.

Classico Cacciatori Salami 250g

Code: tbc
This tradition of high quality salami originates from the heart of Italy where meats are cured, fermented and air-dried to perfection.

Gold Choice Chorizo 250g Spanish Delicacy

Code: 4606
Twin chorizo made from finely minced pork and beef, this sausage is spiced with paprika for a full, strong flavour.

Gold Choice Kranksy 250g

Code: 4942
Continental sausage in a natural casing which is smoked and steam cooked, ideal for use in casseroles for added flavour, or on the BBQ.

Gold Choice Chilli Cheese Kransky 250g

Code: 4950
A twist on the traditional Kransky recipe - all the quality ingredients of traditional kransky with added chilli and cheese.
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